I stepped on my brother's jet ski for the first time in 1997, talk about perma-grin, I was ruined from then on. 
After a few trips to the river, not wanting to leave each time, I bought my first 550.  My brother and I would bomb to the river every day after work, barely getting 30 minutes in before sun down, and loving every minute of it. 
I will never forget the summer of 1998, when my brother took me to Pacific City Oregon for the first time, ah the ocean waves.  I smashed a 6" hole in the side of my ski, no one told me that these things actually float, I nearly drowned trying to hold it afloat as I was tossed and rolled by wave after wave.  As I was finally washed a shore, exhausted and lying face up, I glance down the beach to see my bro in the same situation. 
We both gathered our selves up, loaded up our broken ass skis, and headed back to a jetski repair shop he new of in Tualatin.  As we pulled up to Blowsion Kolors, I was introduced to John Dady for the first time, and that (as they say) was all she wrote. 
John had the ski running within 15 minutes, then whipped out the grinder and fiberglass, and patched up the hole in no time.  We were back at the beach the next weekend, and I was ruined from then on. 
A few years later, I began riding for Blowsion and never looked back (except for the memories). 
From the NW armature freeride champion, competing in world finals in both armature & Pro freestyle, Red bull wave bash, Moto surf Tour, Hydro-turf surf slam, and now the Blowsion Surf Slam.  It has been one wild ride, and I would not change anything, well except for landing that first double back flip in 2004 moto surf.